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Hailsham (RFID) Hailsham (RFID)
Price: CDN$75.00
Miami (RFID) Miami (RFID)
Price: CDN$95.00
Minneapolis Minneapolis
Price: CDN$150.00
Azusa Azusa
Price: CDN$105.00
Belmont Belmont
Price: CDN$125.00
Andover Andover
Price: CDN$125.00
A great, lightweight, functional travel hobo with an RFID blocking zippered pocket. Rachelle (RFID)
Price: CDN$105.00
RFID blocking zippered pocket Sandbach (RFID)
Price: CDN$80.00
Miami Miami
Sale Price: CDN$71.25
Phoenix Phoenix
Sale Price: CDN$60.00
Sleaford Sleaford
Sale Price: CDN$60.00
A great, lightweight, functional travel hobo. Rachelle (non-RFID)
Sale Price: CDN$78.75

Keith Keith
Sale Price: CDN$63.75
Basildon Basildon
Sale Price: CDN$86.25
Sandbach (non-RFID) Sandbach (non-RFID)
Sale Price: CDN$60.00

Belper Belper
Sale Price: CDN$67.50
Hailsham (non-RFID) Hailsham (non-RFID)
Sale Price: CDN$56.25

RFID Security Pouch RFID Security Pouch
List Price: CDN$19.99
Price: CDN$19.99