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Beside U – Ballona – RFID protected bag
I am a very picky person when it comes to handbags. Besides having to like the style and color, the bag has to fit my needs in terms of weight, size, number of pockets, strap length… I could go on. I like my bags to be organized, because I hate digging through them to find something, so lots of pockets is always a good choice, especially when traveling.

My husband and I go out for walks in the nature a lot, sometimes in the rain, and I was looking for a good nylon bag that would repel water and look stylish. I wasn’t really successful, and had to give up. I was recently approached by Beside-U to try one of their bags, and when I saw the features they are offering, I knew this would be a match made in heaven. These bags were all I was looking for, and more.

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Beside-U Blog

2016-11-22: Black Friday Sale

Look out for Beside-U's Black Friday Sale this weekend! From Friday, November 25th to Sunday, November 27th at midnight, our bags will be 30% off across the entire website. Bags that are already marked down 25% for our Holiday Sale are still going to be affected by our Black Friday Sale. The 30% discount will be added on top of the 25% Holiday discount for a total of 60% off! This is a sale you can't miss. This is great opportunity to get some Christmas shopping done from home or just to spoil yourself with something nice for the holidays.

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2016-11-15: Blogger Reviews

Beside-U is in 14 different countries across the world. We have been in Canada for 3 years and have grown every year. You can find our bags from coast to coast. As we grew we started to have bloggers review our bags. Below are links to these bloggers and their reviews. Some of these bloggers took our bags around the world! In their posts they touch on the quality of the bags and the features that you can find in a Beside-U handbag or backpack - by reading these blogs you will definitely learn something about the bags!

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2016-11-14: RFID Technology

RFID is a term that you should know. It is especially important if you are travelling abroad or live in a city that is a tourist destination. The short version of the story is that the chip on your credit card that allows you to 'tap' your card at Timmies used RFID technology to transmit your banking information to the store to make a purchase. This technology is very convenient for us in our daily lives. Unfortunately, certain individuals have found out how to steal your credit card information relatively easily if you are not properly protected.

Our Beside-U is helping protect your credit card information with a zippered pocket in our bags with a special lining. This lining blocks the RFID transmissions from your credit card so that thieves cannot access the information on your card. Our bags that have this technology have special tags on them including a small red tag attached to the RFID pocket to indicate that that is the pocket with the RFID protection.

Here are two good reads on RFID technology. The first is a quite lengthy article but tells you all you need to know about RFID technology. The second is a blogger that has reviewed some of our RFID bags. She also talks about RFID technology, how someone can steal your information, and looks at Beside-U's RFID blocking zippered pocket.

How Stuff Works - RFID

Geek With Style - Keep Your RFID Secure and Look Good While Doing So With Beside-U

Remember to search RFID in our search bar to find our RFID bags. If a bag has the RFID zippered pocket it will say so in the features section at the bottom of the product's page.

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