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Pratum (RFID) School Backpack-High Quality Nylon Handbag Lagos  (RFID) Crossbody-High Quality Nylon Handbag Ralston (RFID) Handbag-High Quality Nylon Handbag
Price: CDN$135.00
Price: CDN$95.00
Price: CDN$123.00
Ezra (RFID) Crossbody-High Quality Nylon Handbag Lucia (RFID) Crossbody-High Quality Nylon Handbag Jodi (RFID) Handbag-High Quality Nylon Handbag
Price: CDN$115.00
Price: CDN$110.00

Price: CDN$89.00

Beside-U Canada

Your bag should always be by your side - that is why we think the name Beside-U is fitting. You will use your Beside-U bags on a day-to-day basis in your busy life but the many features found in your bag make it very practical for travel.

Much has been written about Beside-U bags. Click below to learn more and make sure to check into our blog for up-to-date information about what we are doing!

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